Dryer Vent Fall Wreath


0923131530 (2)

What you will need:

4 ” x 36″ Dryer vent Hose

Hot glue & glue gun or a strong adhesive

Paint of your choice, ribbon, sm. pumpkins for decoration, leaves, raffia, or sprigs to

decorate your wreath. Sunflowers would go great with this quick & easy wreath.


  • Stretch the hose out, and cut a length  4 inches x 36 inches long using the wire cutters and the scissors. The wire coil of the dryer hose may be a bit difficult to cut, but with flexing and pressure it can be done.
  • Apply household cement along the cut edges for a permanent hold,or use hot glue to help hold the ends together until the cement has set.( If you do not have either you can use wire ties to secure then tape to cover any open areas) Press the ends together and tape. Allow the glue to set up and dry.
  • Once paint is dry you can paint the wreath any color  you want as a background color.
  • Once the paint has dried you can wrap your favorite ribbon around to cover all of the wreath or you can live some of the paint exposed.
  • For my fall wreath I had left the area where the fall leaves to go bare. I hot glued the leaves and added a ribbon.
  • You can add a bigger bow or some cutout pumpkins or black cat for Halloween or a few sprigs of your favorite fall flowers to make your  wreath pop with the colors of Fall.

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