Never Again!

I keep reliving that day, So early in the morn. 1-K C 2
I got that call I had been waiting from so long ago.
I was so afraid you would be next when your cousin passed away almost 17 year before.
It was like a curse our family lived with through the years.
First that died was my brother, Bobby, the first Son that my Mother had,
Then came his first son, Richard, never to live a day,
Then your cousin Bradley taken so young by the hand of another.
Now 17 years later came my call that my one and only Son was take away.
Never again will I see you smile!
Never again will I hear your voice on the phone or receive your calls.
Never will I talk to you about your life events.
Never will you see you happily married or have children of your own.
All I have is a few articles of clothing and a few pictures that are frozen pieces of time.
I was not allowed to see you to make sure what they say is true.
They would not let me see you until that very last day.
They showed us to the crematory after 2 hours, where they held your body.
As we walked inside and I saw you laying there I knew it was you but my heart would not let me believe.
Your face look like you, your hair they fixed like you did when going to church or out to a nice dinner but how did they know? How did they know you wore your hair that way? They never asked us for a picture.
Never again to see that sparkle in your eyes.
Never again will you walk down the street .
Never again to tell you we love you, or to hear you say, Mom I Love You!
Never a chance to make things right with the ones that loved you.
You left a hole in our hearts, you chose the life you wanted to live, no matter how much we worried.
Never to get to know your nieces or nephew or share some memories along the way with your Sister.
Why did you have to go? I know God had given me so many days to have you near, my dear Son your life had so many times you have been spared to stay by my side. If only you could have seen the light or realized life is not a given but a gift.

Never again, Never again to hear you laugh or look in those
163645_1244579450535_8187390_nbeautiful eyes.