My Dream or Was It a Vision?

My Dream or Was It a Vision?greetings-from-camp-fema

The morning of August 31, 2016 I woke about 4:30 am and laid in bed watching TV before Jim came to kiss me goodbye as he was off to work at 5:00 am. As I laid there I stated to doze but when I woke I started to say my morning prayers as I try to do each morning before I rise. I was going down my list but while I was praying I started to hurt and before I knew it I stopped praying but I don’t know if I dozed back off or what happened but I started to see thousands of people all gathered behind fences with trailers stacked on top of each other 3 or 4 high & round holes cut out for ventilation because what I realized these were where we would be living. It was a scene like WWI & WWII concentration camps & I saw myself laying on a rug on the ground and people just stepping around & over me. There was very little food & water and the pests & there was disease everywhere. I knew no one that was around me. I was alone with no family close but I always had God walking with me.

At one point someone was making me drink to keep hydrated. All the woman were on one side & men on the other separated by fences. As I started to regain a little bit of strength something else happened. It was like we were liberated but it still did not feel right. The fence was down that separated men and women.  I saw a group of men in a circle with either their hands on each others shoulder or hand in hand in a prayer circle.

As I watched them I recognized my neighbor  &  I walked over to him and as he looked upon me he had discussed in his eyes & said to me that he saw that I had either been consuming alcohol or drugs but what he saw was delirium from dehydration or withdraw from my pain medicine since that was no longer something I would ever get again. I started to cry but told him that what he may have thought he saw was not so. I do not drink. He fell to his knees & started to cry because Satan had made him judge me. I told him it was ok that I understood. He knelt in prayer as I walked away.

Later they opened the outer gates & told us we had time to go get what we may need for a few weeks since none of us had homes to go back to this place became our homes. I got a few items but took some to sell so I could get the most important things that I needed. Most important was a Bible. Later that day they had a celebration because of the liberation from these camps. While walking back to see what was going on I lost track of those that I have been keeping close to so I was alone. I decided I was not interested in dancing in the streets because I knew this still was not right. When I spotted my neighbor & his wife. She made small talk as he looked humbled because of what happened earlier & I told him it was ok. I forgive him of any misgivings. When all of a sudden it hit me that Jim had not made it through & I was alone on earth but as I laid in bed the tears rolled down my face with my eyes wide open I still saw what was happening. All of a sudden the pain was gone & I had peace because I knew I still had the Father protecting me & this liberation was of one who tried to portray himself as the Son of God but was not.

About a month after this happened that same neighbor called our home to see what plans we had for the property behind our house.  I told him if he wanted it we were willing to sell it, but he said  he wanted to know if we would like to go in  on building a self-sustained shelter underground in case of an attack of destruction or if war broke out we would be safe for 6 months.  His next comment through me in a tail spin,  He stated ” Debbie, I do not want to be put in a concentration camp. If we were interested he wanted to come see us that weekend.” I said I would talk it over with Jim prior to his coming and have to pray about it.  He never did come that weekend but I do know  that the Lord will provide as he did in my dream/vision.  I do know to keep my focus on our Lord always and He has always met our needs.

Even though I may be alone when & if this was not a dream I know my faith grows stronger every day.

Thank you Father for watching over us all.