Small Miracles part II

Small Miracles part II

i-lala-plant   Going Home To The Farm

It has been 2 months since Kendell’s birth and time was getting close to harvesting the summer crops at the farm, so George felt it was time to  move  back to his families farm, since they had been gone for over a year to see if that would help Anne’ depression, but even with the best Doctors Anne just seems so distracted. Even Anne’s mama was worried about her and has talked with George on several occasions about how Anne is acting.  George thought with hard work maybe she would get so tired at night she would sleep longer than 3 hours.  What could  Harry or Mabel really say to George in this matter, He is her husband now and it was  his job to take of her.

We  had finally made it to the farm  and started back into  our routine of picking vegetables and  canning & putting up enough for the winter  then we took the rest to sell at mark while we started  to plant a later crop of  vegetables  and get out ready to plant cotton & peanuts. George was out    in the field from sun up to sun down and Anne was  along with the kids  all day  just getting lonelier.


June 1 Harry & Mabel were able to sell their house in Jesup and had found a place closer to  where George & Anne lived so they could be closer to their daughter’s family.  When Anne found out that they were coming to move here she seemed to brighten up  and that seemed to bring her back for a short time. 

There was a flurry of  excitement around the farm for the first few weeks while they where here with the selling of the vegetables and the plowing of fields & tending to the animals and watching the children & keeping the house up.   Mama had come to the farm on a regular basis to help Anne and she started to notice that Anne was starting to revert into her self again.

Not only was there a flurry of activity at the farm but also around the world with the trouble starting over  seas with Germany & its Allies. And George new he would soon have to leave the farm to so his part for his country and Anne would be left to take care of things around the farm to keep it running smooth while he was away and that worried him the most because of him being gone and her being all alone most of the time.

Anne  knew she could not do it by herself and was really worried about the time when George was going to have to deploy.  She knew she had her parents but she tried to keep them  out of what was going on  because she knew they were not in the best of health. 

wwII poster

WWII! Invasion of Italy

George was called to duty and he had to leave in 30 days so he had a lot to get ready before he left for training. He had fields to plow & plant to harvest.  His  peas  were ready to be picked and he had his soybeans already planted, His  sweet potatoes where going to make a nice amount  to sell at market and  also  enough to have a good supply for the family for the year. He planted carrots, broccoli, collards, & cucumbers for his fall crops also.  He knew that he did not have much time left so he did what he knew his family would need and could use to get by through the next few months.  Anne was busy canning and putting up many things so she did not lose anything. 

August 15th was the day George had to leave and everyone was so sad to see this day come but no one was as sad as Anne was. She knew what this meant. She had to keep the family going.  George  was  going to be training for less than 30 days then they were going to send him over seas right away because we were in a conflict that they needed extra support.  

George  did everything that was asked of him and he achieved each goal they put in front of him. He was use to being very discipline and not expecting much in return for what he did.  George was working hard to make  his family proud of him and  wanted to make sure he protected the freedom he so loved.  His days were long and  some days he was out on hikes and trudging through swamps with the mosquitoes  and the heat yet he never complained. 


Battle Of Italy

September 3 1943, with north Africa secured & Sicily – the stepping stone to Italy– conquered, the Allied forces launched their invasion of Italy.  It began with British & American forces landed several hundred miles to the north at Salemo.  Their plan was simple: the northern force would throw a net across the Italian peninsula while the British army chased the Germans into the south.

Allied commanders thought this to be an easy campaign but a secret WWII Poster @agreement with the new Italian government would neutralize  the Italian forces, leaving only German divisions offering  resistance.  Things proved more difficult then they had thought. The Germans immediately  seized the Italians Military installations upon hearing of their capitulation. The Germans defenses were more secure then the Allies expected. Finally after many failed air strikes failures  that did not dislodge the Germans from their hold , in May 1944 the Allies were ate a 2:1 advantage; and they smashed through the depleted German defense lines on their  way to Rome.

Back at home things where not going as you may have thought. Anne &  the children had left the farm to move to a small town called Alma, GA where Anne had a few friends she could talk with. 

She had rented a small house for her and the children out of the money she had from the sell of the crops this past fall.   Anne’s parents had sent word to George about her disappearance and  where they had thought she may have gotten to.  The Army had contacted the local sheriff department to see if she was in this area and to check to make sure the children were OK. When the Army got the report back they found out that Anne had left the children at an orphanage in a town  called Baxley, GA.

“What!” “She did What to my children?  They are not Orphans. I am their father. Are they going to be OK? I do not want them adopted out. Will they hold them until I can get out?”  These were all the questions that George had asked his commander when he found out what had happened. It would be another 30 days until all the paperwork was done and he was given a release before he could travel to Baxley to go get his children.  Will they remember him after being away for a year?  What would make Anne just up and leave her children?  


July 17, 1944  was the day George was able to finally go  and see about his children and make arrangements to  get total custody of his children.   George had changed a lot during his time in the  Army. He had gotten use to going out  off base with the rest of his crew and have a few beers and relax after a hard week.  He really enjoyed drinking with the guys and did it every time he could.  

Appling County Orphanage Home, Baxley, GA!   Today was the day he had his appointment to see his children and to see how they reacted to him.  As he went up the front steps to the tall building he can see how many years this building had been around and he thinks about all the children who are here because of family members who never made it home.imagesCALCWQLE

As George walked inside the  building  and he was surprised at all the children that were there.  He kept looking around to see if he could find his own children but  there were too many  to be able to pick his out.  Each child there was hoping that they had a new family coming to adopt them, all except his children, they were hiding from any new visitors because they did not want to be adopted and to be separated.  But they did not know that they were not on the list to be adopted.   Finally George spots the administrators office so he knocks and enters.  After a brief interview she sends for the children as her and George continue to talk.

As the kids walk through the door they all seemed to cling together when all of a sudden Gladys realized who George was and came running and crying. She has always been Daddy’s little girl. Pearl Ann had kept her distance from him. She was a little mad because he left them with their mother and then she walked out on them also. She had to try to keep the family together and was afraid someone would come and adopt one of them and they would never see each other again. 

George walked over to Pearl and knelt down and held her and she just melted in his arms and cried for  a while. He just held her close as he gathered his other children close and talked to them  and after a few minutes stood up and told them to get their things so they could go home.

George was not one to be really affectionate to anyone even to his children but they knew he loved them.   George just kept thinking what would he be doing now that he had to worry about raising his four children by himself.  He knew that Pearl was getting old enough to help around the house and help keep the others out of mischief.   Gladys was 9 years old so she could also help Pearl  who was 11 years old. 

Times were hard for  George’s children. George was still a young man who wanted to go out on weekends with the guys. Many weekends the children had to fend for themselves because  George would not come home till Monday and there were times there was no one that was able to cook let alone food for them to eat.  Someone  found out about this  happening and they spoke to George about it.  He changed his ways and devoted his time to his 4 children.

Life was still hard but Gladys and her siblings knew that no matter what  happened their Daddy would always be there.