Why Do I Even Try To Plan Things

WOW THAT IS THE TRUTH!  We may try to plan things and things may work out just right but when you least expect it something changes those plans like having to work, or unexpected bills or health issues.  We may get upset or frustrated and mad but how often do we stop to contemplate why?  Why did I have to work, I had been planning this outing for months,  or Why didn’t I get that job, the interview was great and I know I am qualified?  Why do I always get sick and why don’t we find a reason?

Have you ever stopped  to think you will not know the answers or someone else is arranging things and you just need to let things happen.  Yes, there is someone with a greater authority that knows everything about you and I.  God will let us have free will and He also has a better plan for us so when that job falls through it may be that He has a different direction He wants you to go or you may have planned a trip but prior to the trip there is an accident that prevents you from traveling and you get upset but when you look a few days later you see that there was a really bad accident with many deaths and you could have been in the middle of it. Yes you did get injure but your alive and maybe a second chance to restore your relationship with God.

I tied today to make a T-shirt  and as I got ready too press the 16298513_10206317343450812_647822105739961408_ndesign I double checked to make sure all was straight and lined up, all was perfect,  but after I was done  I looked nd during the pressing the main point of the saying moved. Many times we would be upset but I had to show it.   The moral of this is ” I am not perfect and sometimes a little off,  but I know  my God is perfect.”  What another great lesson I learned, Go with the flow because God is in control.

Sometime you wonder why someone  so young passes away, why would God let that happen?  I do not know the answer but God knows and it is His will that counts.  My Son, KC was taken at 36 years of age, God knew the struggles KC had and knew how hard he fought, so God released him from that fight.  God showed me things even in my own life that I needed to work on when he let me come back.  

My Lord has had His hands on me since I was born with my first surgery at 6 week old and I know I have and will put my trust in Him.  Without Him I would have no reason to hope for a better way of life.